"The problem isn't the smartphone themselves, the problem is our relationship with it."

—— Coach Tony, Better Human
We are being Manipulated.
Nowadays, we are so accustomed to all the convenience provided by modern technology. People are addicted to their phones. Short videos and social media are trying to seize our attention at any time. 
This project proposed a speculative installation that reflects our relationship between human and digital devices by handing over our manipulation initiatives of the smartphone to the wind. Users need to constantly turn around to find the good wind direction to use the phone

This project aims to generate a sense of powerless feelings. Would that be a good opportunity for humans to take back the initiatives of our attention from technology essentially? 
Using Arduino, the air pressure sensor, motor, and the polarizer film, I achieved the looks-like and works-like prototype. 
- With two air pressure sensors, the installation can sense the wind direction. 
- Polarizer film controlled by the motor will accordingly rotate to change the perception to the screen.
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