TCL Innovation Lab
Research / Concept Generation / Interaction Design / Industrial Design / Coding and Prototyping / Mockup
Emo is an embodied home assistant with emotional interactions and contextual-understanding abilities developed by the TCL Innovation Lab. Emo explored the emotional connection enhancement between brands and users through performing the anthropomorphic and multimodal interactions. Its innovative triple interactions with devices and humans give Emo the true personality. By applying the latest AI and IoT technology of TCL, Emo has a high perception of environments and situations by linking with other smart devices in the home.

The interaction designs of Emo came from cross-disciplinary researches including Laban movement analysis, Object attachment theory as well as HRI theories. Emo was given the distinctive vitality through interactive behaviour, which distinguished it from other robots in the market. It gives Emo potentialities to become a family member rather than a simple assistant product. It expands the boundaries of TCL product portfolio and proposes a possible solution for future integrated family IoT ecology. This project has been directly presented to top managers of TCL and has been involved in the company future product strategy.
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